National Wine Day: Red Wine for Heart Health?

Is Drinking Wine Healthy?

Is drinking wine really good for your health? The Mayo Clinic admits that drinking red wine has long been considered heart healthy. The Clinic states that researchers aren’t completely clear about the way red wine is thought to help reduce heart attacks. There are some theories. One thought is that the antioxidants may increase HDL ( high-density lipoprotein) which is called the “good” cholesterol.

The antioxidants within wine called polyphenols may help protect your heart’s blood vessel lining. A polyphenol called resveratrol has been shown in some studies to reduce blood clots, help reduce LDL (the so called “bad” cholesterol, and prevent blood vessel damage. Other studies however, did not find a heart health benefit from reseveratrol. More research will have to be conducted in order to settle the science about red wine and heart health.

Even with the possible benefits, The American Heart Association and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute caution against adopting a new wine habit for your health, especially if you have a history of alcohol addiction in your family.

Whether you drink wine or not, you’re likely not only looking for heart health when you drink but also a way to wind down from the day and transition into the evening.
For those cutting back on alcohol or choose not to drink, premium pytocannabinoid rich Mother’s Botanic’s CBD oil in a mocktail is a excellent choice for the evening after the day is done and you’re ready to tuck in for the night.

Shape magazine’s Renee Cherry shares a creative mocktail recipe adapted here for a calming evening:

Hemp Hot Toddy



  1. Pour honey and spices into a large mug.
  2. Top with hot tea, stir, then add Sunshine Lemon tincture and lemon wedge to garnish.