The CBD Craze

“I need vitamins to help with my workout recovery. Do you have anything to help me sleep at night? I have restless legs, can CBD help me? I heard it can ease my arthritis symptoms. Is that true?

How has CBD become such an alternative health craze?

That’s a good question, especially since CBD hasn’t been approved by the FDA, even though it has been endorsed by the World Health Organization. As a matter of fact, in a 2017 report by the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, the WHO said “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile”. That’s reassuring considering the fact that businesses, large and small, are restricted in what they can say about what CBD can do for you.

Hemp and CBD
Questions abound about the CBD phenomenon.

You may hear companies make claims that they can fix your health problems. They may say things like, “CBD can prevent conditions like diabetes or Alzheimer’s.” The US Hemp Roundtable, which describes itself as ‘a coalition of dozens of leading companies and organizations committed to safe hemp and CBD products’, applauded the FDA for calling out CBD companies who are breaking the law with deceptive marketing practices. However, they disapproved of the FDA saying that CBD isn’t ‘generally regarded as safe’. That certainly seems at odds with the statements of the WHO.

In the United States, a company being FDA compliant IS generally regarded as safe if you want to continue to survive. So, how has CBD become such an alternative health craze in the face of all the hype surrounding its rise?

In short, people who use CBD are self-reporting. They are the one’s making a vast array of claims and reports. These glowing reviews can probably be safely described by companies as relief from the symptoms of ‘x,y, or z’. It is frustrating to see someone experience a life changing result from the use of your product, and NOT be allowed to tell others about it. The upside though, is their relief and happiness and the satisfaction that you’ve been a positive part of their life. When you are looking for a CBD product, either for the first time or for a resupply for your regimen, look for the businesses that care, because they are looking out for you and for the industry they represent.

This joint relationship between the consumer and proprietor is the real reason CBD has become such an alternative health craze in the US.

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  1. My mother started using your products for restless legs symptoms and it has been a life saver. She has suffered for so many years and her usual prescribed pill for this has lost its effectiveness, not to mention the negative side effects it caused. Just a few drops of Mothers Botanics tincture under the tongue and she experiences relief within minutes and the her restless legs symptoms are gone for hours!
    She also uses the cream to relieve her shoulder aches. These products are a godsend!

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